E S C A P E (get away). We need a key, like the one that in computer science allows us to exit a program or cancel a command just sent. We would like this issue of Elitism Florence & Tuscany to be this for you, an escape route. A trip to beautiful Tuscany, in search of light emotions and sensations, which make us think energetically about the next few months as a springboard to dive into the middle of a blue sea. Cleaned up. And we who without fear, swim and acquire confidence and security. We will take you to the nature of Mugello, to the wild beaches of Marina di Vecchiano and to the fascinating Chianti. We will talk about Art with a capital A, accompanying you through upcoming works and exhibitions. And then we will introduce you to the new contributor Elisa Gavazzi, and again a new article by Serena Becagli with her column “This is so contemporary”. Words to accompany you to the trampoline ladders, images to push you into the deep blue.
And as always, enjoy your reading ... under an umbrella or around the city!