Akira is a female Border Collie, you can see her running as if she were a sprinter following carefully chosen twigs and repeatedly thrown by Laura, her owner. Laura is a psychology student who became a dog educator for the love of animals and above all for the love of Akira: “.. I had to understand how to approach her to make her feel good and to live with her in harmony”. But the feeling Laura has with animals doesn’t need instructions or rules, because it’s innate. Laura laughs a lot and scratches the backs of all the dogs that approach her. One brown eye and one blue, Akira has a “blue merle” coat and a tail that flutters in the air as if it were a rudder among the thousand vicissitudes it performs, in order to bring twigs and balls back to its mistress with Swiss punctuality. And the symbiosis between the two of them is visible from miles away, as if they were inside a bright bubble, they can be seen arriving at the park at the evening meeting with the other dogs and owners.. and it seems that nothing and no one disturbs them. Akira runs, runs, runs a lot..but he always comes back only to Laura.