Miles, il legno e la carne (the wood and the flesh)

Street Levels Gallery, the first Florentine gallery entirely devoted to urban art, from 14th to 28th November 2021, presents Il legno e la Carne (The Wood and the Flesh), an exhibition by street artist and illustrator Simone Miletta, aka Mìles, dedicated to the fable of Pinocchio. The exhibition – an out-of-gallery event that will be held in the beautiful spaces of the ARTiglieria – has been staged in conjunction with the independent publishing house Contrabbandiera, which has devised a new series focusing on urban art and which will see the finest artists on the Florentine scene illustrating fairy tales and other classics. The exhibition will feature, in their original version, the 75-plus works created for Collodi’s children’s story that will inaugurate the series. Mìles’ works cover the highlights of the fable and present us with the adventures of a marionette whose feelings are not so far removed from those of a man – indeed, any man. Pinocchio, in fact, finds himself in a world that does not always move at his own pace, in which social dynamics are complex and you always have to watch out for bullies and those who want to trick you. Collodi’s work is magical, tinged here and there with gloominess before giving way to light, and which naturally has its appeal for an artist who has made the relationship between man, his times and his instincts the focus of his artistic quest.