Harry’s Bar

Harry’s has never lost the characteristics that make a place out of the ordinary, with caring and kindness towards the customer and attention to every detail.


In Florence, when you think of a haunt you think of Harry’s Bar, a place with its authentic elegance is able to accommodate its customers in a warm and hospitable manner, illuminated by fascinating lamps of Murano glass, sipping the famous cocktails or a nice cup of coffee, in the company of old friends.  Harry’s Bar is casual but elegant, perfect for meeting friends and colleagues,  and getting lost in pleasant conversation accompanied by the courtesy of the staff and by the extraordinary cocktails that have made Harry’s one of the most important meeting points in all of Florence. Harry’s Bar has hosted important personalities from the worlds of politics, literature, entertainment, sports and business, as a cultural hot spot where cocktails bear the indelible signature of the will to find the best of history and tradition. The Bellini became famous in Harry’s Bar.  The Negroni was invented in Florence and the Martini cocktail was reinterpreted by Harry’s Bar Florence and awarded the Best Cocktail in the  World by the Martini Cocktail Review.  All are still prepared using traditional methods and classics.


In 1952 Enrico Mariotti was working on his project in Florence, to be known as “Boston Bar”.  His friend Giuseppi Cipriani, founder of Harry’s Bar in Venice, persuaded him to use the name ‘Harry’s Bar’ instead, since, among other things, “Enrico” is Italian for Harry.  From there began the story of one of the most renowned restaurants in Florence, known throughout the world thanks in no small part  to the skill and understanding of  bartender Leo Vadorini, a treasure so beloved worldwide that he was awarded the key to the City of San Francisco by Mayor Diane Feinstein. From Florentine nobility to personalities from politics, cinema and international sport, everyone sat at least once at a table in Harry’s Bar in Florence.  So many memories, in the words of Florence’s most famous barman.   

Fascinating anecdotes of the past with the likes of Paloma Picasso, Burt Lancaster, Margot Hemingway and Paul Newman, who walked away with a gift in his pocket, the bowtie of Leo that he liked so much, leaving in exchange an autographed  photo of Robin Williams who managed to spill coffee on his shirt and so walked around all day in a T-shirt procured for him by Leo. Franco Zeffirelli, Elizabeth Taylor, whose husband refused to permit more than two photos, Chelsea Clinton, and the list goes on. In the course of over 50 years, Harry’s Bar has seen the waters of the Arno pass by from its palce on the Lungarno Vespucci.  But in all those years, Harry’s has never lost the characteristics that make a place out of the ordinary, with caring and kindness towards the customer and attention to every detail.

Harry’s Bar Florence has beautiful private dining rooms available for customers who want to organize special events with the elegance and attention to detail that only Harry’s can provide: a drink with friends, a presentation of a book, a press conference, a glamorous evening or a corporate event.

Our favorites Harry’s Cocktails:
Martini, Negroni, Bellini.

About Harry’s Cocktails:
MARTINI Harry’s Bar was awarded its ranking in the ‘World Martini Cocktail Review’ for having the courage to change a classic drink as famous as the Martini, which until then was always served in the traditional and characteristic Martini glass. At Harry’s it is served in small glasses, with the raw materials (Gin and Vodka) cold form the fridge, a splash of dry vermouth and a twist of lemon peel.
NEGRONI Born in Florence in 1920 at the Caffè Giacosa, just a short walk from Harry’s Bar. The Negroni sprang from the imagination of Count Camillo Negroni, who added a little gin to the Americano cocktail that he drank every day in the company of friends, unaware that as its fame spread, it took his name.
BELLINI Invented in 1948 by the great friends who are the founders of Harry’s Bar Florence and Venice, it is made by mixing fresh pulp of white peach with prosecco. It’s name comes from its color, which reminded its creators of the color of the toga of a saint in a painting by Giovanni Bellini. The drink became and still is the specialty at Harry’s Bar, the favorite beverage of people like Ernest Hemingway, Sinclair Lewis, Orson Wells and Roger Moore. Later it became a classic at in Harry’s Bar in New York, and recorded in annals of the IBA International

Harry’s Bar proposes in its menù unique creations with high attention to the lightness, digestibility, exaltation and exploitation of the tastes and first quality ingredients.

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