Villa Bardini and the Forte di Belvedere, in Florence, from 18 June to 2 October 2022, host the great FOTOGRAFE! exhibition, curated by Emanuela Sesti and Walter Guadagnini, presented and promoted by the Alinari Foundation for Photography and by the CR Firenze Foundation, in collaboration with the Municipality of Florence. A new and ambitious exhibition project whose absolute protagonists are the photographers of yesterday and today and which unites the rooms of the two host locations in a single, rich and evocative itinerary, which combines original works from the Alinari Archives with contemporary productions. The exhibition fits organically into the summer cultural offer of Forte di Belvedere curated by the Museo Novecento. Starting from the results of the research in the Alinari Archives, the exhibition project creates a path that intertwines and re-proposes in a synchronic way a story that from the photography of the origins it crosses the twentieth century and reaches our days, combining the first photographic procedures with contemporary experiments.