The best coffee roasteries in Florence and nearby.

La Sosta Specialty Coffee

In 2016, Simone Guidi, on his return to Florence after a major career experience with the Genovese family’s Australian coffee roasting company, has created his own brand, “LA SOSTA SPECIALTY COFFEE”. The aim is to offer something unique to Florence and Italy: helping people explore the incredible variety of aromas and flavours hidden in the roasting process. Ethical, Sustainable, Healthy = SPECIALTY COFFEE

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Gearbox Coffee Roasters

Gearbox Coffee Roasters are the brainchild of Tommaso Bongini, head of quality control for Caffè Mokarico, the family business. His intention is to bring together his two greatest passions, coffee and the world of automobiles: two very different worlds, but often with a number of things in common. A brand based on craftsmanship, product quality and skilled manufacturing techniques, where the human element, the roaster, is crucial to obtaining exceptional results.

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Spazio Caffè Firenze Roastery

Spazio Caffè Firenze offers a selection of high quality coffees, constantly striving to find the best raw materials to express a unique identity. The company was founded 20 years ago thanks to the experience of the Giovanchelli family, and today Francesco runs the business with great passion and energy. “My philosophy focuses on the study of coffee, and continually seeking high quality raw materials and using modern production techniques which leave the organoleptic properties unaltered.”

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