Alessandro Gherardeschi, the shirt maker

“My typical day? Work, work, work..of creativity.

-Alessandro Gherardeschi-

Who is Alessandro Gherardeschi? Tell us about you and your background.
I started 30 years ago combining the passion for art and for fashion and mixing together various materials and techniques. The collaborations which I have had during my career have always been characterized by the entirely “Handmade in Tuscany”; taking advantage of the professionality of great artists. The tee shirts I produce are painted and my patchwork garments have been considered for years cult products. It’s over 30 years that I show at Pitti Uomo and i am present in the most beautiful stores in the world, I can say that my job makes my happy. No doubt.
Which is your stylistic approach to fashion?
It is the result of ideas which are born together with the people and the artists that
work side by side with me.
What influenced your aesthetic?
It has been influenced frequenting vintage stores and flea. The first ones in the 70’s that existed in the surroundings of Prato. Mainly in Vergaia.
Do you have artists or artistic movements that inspire your work?
The trend of the 70’s is the beat Generation that for me has always been the
maximum of the evolution of the clothing. The artists I have been inspired by, and with whom I had the pleasure to work , are : Fiorucci, Guido Pellegrini, Massimo Osti, Franco Giordano, Francesco Vannetti.
When did you decide to become a stylist?
I did not decide, I do not consider myself a stylist, but only a creative.
What is fashion for you?
Good taste.
What do you think about today’s fashion ?
I do not even know who could be one that makes fashion. It's all simply business.
Tell us about your typical day.
Work work work. Of creativity.