No, you can’t miss it Vol. 2

This is a quick list of some of the best places in Florence. Check it and enjoy!

  1. Giardino di Boboli – The historical park of Florence, related to Forte Belvedere. One of the most famous monumental gardens in the world and a real open-air museum. Art, History and relax in just one place!
  2. Piazza Pitti – Choose your wine in one of the many shops and sit down with your glass right in the middle of the square at sunset.
  3. Uffizi – What are the masterpieces you cannot miss? Botticelli’s “Nascita di Venere” (oh yeah, it’s here!), Michelangelo’s “Tondo Doni”, Raffaello’s “Madonna del Cardellino”. What else?
  4. Cappella Brancacci – Hosted in Santa Maria del Carmine, one of the greatest Churches in town, it is a piece of Renaissance painting like no other. Open your eyes and your hearts to the unbelievable majesty of Masaccio’s “Cacciata dal Paradiso Terrestre”.
  5. Santo Spirito – Dating from the half of the 13th century is today the nightlife hot-spot of the city, specially in the Diladdarno area. Things to do: get a pizza at GustaPizza and sit on the steps of the Church to watch the multitude coming and going.
  6. Museo Stibbert – Not far from the city center, a park and a museum with ancient weapons, armors, costumes, pieces of art. An incredibly unique place of rare beauty.
  7. Downtown by bike – Do it at night, maybe with a tasty ice-cream “pit-stop”. Let the magic of the city feed your soul.

Our favourites from the list:
Boboli and Museo Stibbert.