We RUN Tuscany

“Run like.. you stole something

Where >> Lucca

City walls: 4 kilometres:  the fortified ring of walls around Lucca is the perfect location for some great jogging. It is a circle trip, so you can enter one of the city gates and finish wherever you started. Enjoy the fantastic views of the city.

Suggested soundtrack >> Vince Staples “Norf Norf”

Where >> Siena

City centre: 5 kilometres: Let’s start from Piazza dell’Abbadia, reaches the Medici Fortress passing by Via della Stufasecca along the Lizza; turns left towards Via Fiorentina and continues along the whole Viale Cavour, coming from Porta Camollia, along Via Camollia, via Montanini and..you’re the winner.

Suggested soundtrack >> Danny Ocean “Me Rehuso”

Where >> Pisa

Le Piagge: 2.5 kilometres: the Viale delle Piagge is an avenue in Pisa, located in the eastern suburbs of the city, along the right bank of the Arno River, near the ancient Porta a Piagge. Viale delle Piagge is about two and a half kilometres long and is about five feet above the Arno, a great bastion built to prevent flooding due to frequent overflowing of the Arno.

Suggested soundtrack >> Izzy Bizu “White Tiger”

Where >> Livorno

Seafront: 2.5 kilometres: the waterfront of Livorno seems to be made for running: from Piazza Mascagni to Ardenza there is a whole strip of asphalt for walkers, cyclists or people who use Segways.

Suggested soundtrack >>Eli Wasa “Supernova”