Suggested by Marco Cantini

“Made in Florence.

You can only love a city like Florence, rich in history and traditions but always ready to amaze you with views you’ve never seen before, new places for tasting great food and wine, and experiencing astounding encounters that sometimes change your life.

I love lunching at the “4 Leoni” Restaurant with the Artigiani menu, and dining at “La Giostra”. These are my favorite places. My favorite store? Maurizio Salici Antiques&Lifestyle. I always find some beautiful antique piece that I can’t resist buying. I like to browse in Luisa via Roma. I follow the trends and take care of my look down to the last detail. My favorite neighborhood? Definitely Santo Spirito.  And if I had to tell you where I like to walk or run, I would definitely say the Lungarni, where the mornings are magical.

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