Mugello is the birthplace of Giotto, Beato Angelico and the Medici family, steeped in historical, artistic and environmental beauty and boasting a cuisine that has maintained the authenticity of its traditions over time. Now the curtain rises on the autumn season for all those who are eager to discover and rediscover its treasures. In Mugello, the autumn foliage is a spectacular sight: before dropping to the ground, the leaves take on the vibrant colours of red, yellow, orange and brown, in a thousand shades, and walking through the woods at this time is a thrilling, unmissable experience. Ideal for hikers or lovers of nature and photography, whether in “selfie” mode for social media or in “classic” mode for a timeless memory. In Mugello, you can relax in one of the many settings that offer the warmth of an old-fashioned welcome, enjoy days of wellbeing, pampered in blissful comfort, with the most splendid facilities. And why not have a romantic dinner in a farmhouse in front of the fireplace? Yes, because the culinary tradition in this season will tickle your palate with the famous tortello, pasta stuffed with potato, or exquisite desserts made with sweet chestnut flour, prestigious wines and craft beers. Discover Mugello now on