Gianfranco Lotti

“Gianfranco Lotti, the Florentine handbag couturier, spent a lifetime redefining the boundaries of what makes the perfect bag, he is infact the proud and talented maker of “the perfect bag”.

Knowledge, experience, expertise, know-how, legacy, tradition, passion, love for quality, the Made in Italy at its highest and purest expression , this is what it is “Gianfranco Lotti and its world”. A house of timeless
elegance, heritage, coolness and contemporary spirit.


Gianfranco Lotti spent a lifetime redefining the boundaries of what makes the perfect bag, he is infact the proud and talented maker of “ the perfect bag ”, a bag born and all made exclusively in Florence, desirable over generation and beyond luxury.
The Gianfranco Lotti brand has established itself all over the world becoming recognizable and appreciated for the high quality and unique craftmanship of its products.
The iconic lock is based on an ancient emblem of the Medici family and interpreted in a modern key, and has become the distinctive symbol of the Gianfranco Lotti brand, which makes his collections unique in the world.
The evocative inheritance of a medieval heraldry which has become the new and highly personal sign of a fashion that looks towards the future. The lock as a guardian of Florence’s hidden treasures and the Gianfranco Lotti iconic lock to hold and treasure women dreams and secrets, and their personal belongings.

Gianfranco Lotti and Florence belong together.

Florence is known for its History, Renaissance Art, Architecture and Craftmanship, a place of genius people, inventors, scholars and artists, which have changed the world and invented it as we know it today. The legacy of Florence is modernity and Gianfranco Lotti is deeply anchored in the Florentine heritage, refining the art of making the perfect bag and at the same time giving to the brand a modern and cool personality, timeless and classic at the same time, and which would last in the future.


Gianfranco Lotti has been working since he was 14 when he started in a leather goods workshop in Florence, where he perfected his crafting skills learning from his masters. At the time he was spending all day in the workshop watching the experts shaping and cutting the leathers, following the designs. And this is how he inherited his endless passion for “the art of the leather“, learning the importance of the raw materials, weights, cuts and the manufacturing process.
And his love is still unchanged and as passionate these days, as always, a life of experience to redifine day after day the limit of perfection that to his eyes one never reaches.

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