Enrico Coveri

“In everyone’s memory, he will remain a star who always shone under the banner of success.

L’enfant prodige of fashion

Enrico Coveri was a great designer who deserves to be counted among the most important in the history of painting in Italian fashion. His joyful sensitivity to colours, his daring, even transgressive use of sequins, bows and volants, had already made him “l’enfant prodige” of fashion at an early age. He was born in 1952, far from the glittering world of the spotlight and that he himself later described as “annoying and cruelly competitive”. But he was fascinated by it and, in order to become part of that universe, he accepted the idea of becoming a model.  

He was so drawn to this world, that when he was just twenty, in 1974, he designed his first knitwear collection and a few years later moved to Paris where he started producing women’s ready-to-wear fashion. His creativity drove him to experiment with expanding production, beyond fashion, to other products. His first fragrance “Paillettes” seems to be the summary of what he sought in life; joy, light, transgression; even today, after thirty years, it remains one of the most enduring and beloved Italian perfumes.  

His designs and prints, emphasizing striking extroverted colours, mixed with new and dazzling materials, have none of the constraint of the other fashion creators of his time. Coveri has his own innovative style which focuses on elements that will remain etched in time, the cornerstones of his fashion.  He called himself a “Product Man” and his dizzying rise to the top made him proud and proud of himself. He was also adored by great international stars like Elizabeth Taylor, and constantly pursued by the fashion press and paparazzi, which he never escaped.  At 38, he had achieved almost everything, working frantically, with enthusiasm and great vitality. Perhaps it was this vitality that was not so generous with him, suddenly abandoning him in the midst of success. In everyone’s memory, he will remain a star who always shone under the banner of success.