Well, for our second escape-themed Elitism Florence&Tuscany cover, we’ve decided to bring you a cloud in the sky. Yes, a cloud. Something very real, substantial, striking and recognisable, which not only attracts your attention but also makes you stop and stare. Observe. But with your eyes wide open. We can do a lot of things now, especially since we have regained our freedom, or supposed freedom. Our routine has resumed the same shape it had before, from morning to night. It feels good to have regained our rhythms, albeit with restrictions. But is that really what we need? Doesn’t everything around us, from the beauty and depth of Nature to the artistic works of human beings, deserve something more from us? More attention, more care, more respect, more awareness. And don’t WE deserve more from OURSELVES? Press that ESCAPE button in your life, get out and look around. We’re showing you just a tiny part of all the beautiful things around you in this issue 17 of our magazine. Enjoy the visual experience, as always!

  1. Uffizi Treasures 
  2. Miles, il legno e la carne (the wood and the flesh)
  3. Mugello 
  4. Villa Medicea di Liliano
  5. Benessere e bontà del Chianti