Caterina Enni Misson

Caterina Enni Misson worked for twenty years with the English painter Alexander J. Hamilton in pictorial decoration. In addition to having developed the technique of decoration, a good sense of color and composition has also known the lime finishes and the mastery of marmorino with the painter and designer Maurizio Pettini and it is this last technique that inspired her to a his personal work. His works are made with a palette knife on wood and the material is such that his paintings are almost a form of two-dimensional sculpture. The softness of the marmorino makes his paintings particularly material. In addition to being fascinated by the beauty of lime, Enni Misson is stimulated in her work by the rigidity of the tool, the spatula, and at the same time by its non-controllability. Maria Antonia Rinaldi, in the introduction to the exhibition catalog, identifies a specific modus operandi in which the artist allows himself to be led without “drawing” by shapes and colors that range applying on the table: “Caterina Enni Misson she focuses on observing what happens on the surface and when a shape appears that seems interesting, as she told me, “… I try to protect it … sometimes it is as if it were not my work, but mine are the choices of how to continue “. He mainly produces abstract landscapes in which figurative elements sometimes seem to emerge. Very rarely the artist is inspired by real views. These landscapes are not the restored impression of reality, but the expression of an interior landscape which has been given the semblance of a real landscape. More than landscapes, and let’s play with English given the artist’s partly British origin, which literally translates as “visible part of a region, of a territory”, Caterina Enni Misson’s landscapes resemble inscapes, internal scenarios, potential landscapes.